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ATC Company History
Established and funded by Tohto Suisan Co. Ltd., one of the major wholesalers in Tsukiji Central fish market in Tokyo, we have come a long way since our start in 1978. We are now one of the most diversified wild seafood buyers, and processors on the B.C Coast.

Some of our products include Salmon, Halibut, Prawns, Shrimp, Herring, Rockfish, Crab and Sablefish. Our plants are QMP and HAACP certified, exceeding the strictest Federal Government standards governing proper handling, processing and distribution.

We believe that the reason we have been able to grow and remain successful is our dedication and service to our fishermen and customer base.

Please feel free to contact us by email, fax or telephone.

Brad Mirau aerobrad@citytel.net for all inquiries.

Port Edward Office
Telephone: (250)628-3227
Fax: (250)628-9311

Vancouver Office
Telephone: (604)327-6331
Fax: (604)324-8022